Delivery Policy 

Appliance Tv Outlet offers professional delivery, installation, haul-away services through 3rd party licensed and experienced companies. Delivery service providers are well equipped with the necessary gear and expertise to do the job right, they are responsible to deliver the merchandise in the condition it was purchased. However, it is less likely, but still is a possibility to happen, that customer receives the purchased merchandise with a cosmetic blemish, that customer didn’t see while purchasing online or at the store. To avoid these kinds of issues Appliance TV outlet highly recommends our customers to inspect carefully the item’s physical condition both at the time of purchasing and the time of delivery compilation.

  • Failed Deliveries & Returned Service. In the event that the third-party delivery team is unable to deliver your package due to an incorrect address entered by the customer, will not be responsible for payment of return shipping cost levied by the courier. Similarly, is not responsible for the payment of re-shipping merchandise.  In cases such as these, the customer is responsible for all shipping costs associated with returned packages due to failed delivery and is non-refundable.
  • Service Delay. Uncontrollable events like the cov-19 pandemic, weather, natural disaster, or circumstances related to the courier itself can delay and disrupt scheduled delivery time & dates. In cases such as these, please directly contact the third party delivery company with any inquiries about the status of your package. They will be able to provide you with more information regarding the status or location of your merchandise. Should you need our assistance in this matter, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We are more than happy to lend a helping hand.
  • Local Appliance Delivery Include. Before the Third-Party delivery team arrives at your residence, make sure a responsible adult, 18 years of age or older, will be present during delivery. Ensure a clear path from the street to the residence entrance and the home has an accessible path. Clear of all obstructions which could impede the delivery team or cause injury.
    • The Third-Party delivery team will inspect the appliance to make sure there’s no physical damage.
    • Please inspect your merchandise for damages before the driver brings the merchandise into your home. 
    • Once you are satisfied with the condition of your appliance and accept the delivery, the Third-Party delivery team will proceed to bring your appliance to your desired location in your home. 
    • Installation Service (additional fees). The Third-Party delivery team will only perform installation where appropriate hookups are already in place. They will install and make sure the appliance is functioning properly. 
    • Haul-Away (additional fees). Once your new appliance is connected and is in acceptable working condition, the delivery team will haul-away and dispose of the old appliance environmentally.  
  • Local Appliance Delivery Doesn’t Include
    • Third-Party Delivery Service is not permitted to alter your home in any way. Removing door jambs, door casings, molding, railings, etc. ( Exception: If necessary, the delivery team will remove standard doors to accommodate the new appliance.)
    • Take accurate measurements. Make sure the delivery path and the new appliance area has enough space for your appliance to go through. and our Third-Party Delivery Service are not responsible for any failed delivery due to measurement issues. If you refuse delivery due to sizing issues and will require an exchange, we will charge a 25% restocking fee and any cost levied by the Third Party courier. 
    • No Haul-Away service due to vermin infestation. Third-Party Delivery Services will not pick-up or haul-away your old appliance that shows signs of infestation such as cockroaches, rat droppings, or other critters that may contaminate the delivery truck and its content.

The Third-Party delivery company reserves the right to refuse to haul away of an appliance if it doesn’t meet the requirements. If haul away was not purchased during checkout, customers will have the choice to pay for haul away upon delivery.

All deliveries will have a corresponding “Sales order release form” with the delivery crew with customers’ delivery instructions and notes. After the delivery is complete regardless, the customer has purchased only delivery or delivery, installation, and/or haul away customer need to sign and date the item release form with checkmark “item as described received”.

Due to items being open box we only have a 4 week layover period. The item(s) has to be delivered within 4 weeks of purchase. Please schedule delivery or pickup once purchased. If the item(s) has not been delivered or picked up, the invoice may be subject to cancelation. The customer will be notified and refunded, and there will be a 25% restocking fee charged on the item(s) price(s) with no exceptions.

Any damage(s) done to your appliance or residence during the delivery is the sole responsibility of the Third-Party Company. Please contact their 1-800 number provided by your sales associate immediately. Should you need our assistance, you can reach us at (626) 343-9224 or email