31″ Bosch NIT8069SUC Smart Induction Cooktop

Model# NIT8069SUC

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Condition: Open Box

  • 31″ Smart Induction Cooktop
  • WiFi Home Connect
  • 4 Induction Elements
  • SpeedBoost™
  • PreciseSelect® Premium
  • Keep Warm Function

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Additional Information

  • WiFi: Remotely monitor and control your wall oven from your smartphone or tablet for greater convenience.
  • Home Connect™: The Bosch Home Connect App is a remote control, product manual, shopping assistant, and repair technician all in one. Simply download to your smart device to enjoy greater convenience across all your Bosch appliances.
  • Remote Monitoring: Keep track of what's in the fridge from your grocer's aisle, how much time is left on that roast in the oven, or if it's time to add the next load of laundry right from your smart device. Remote Monitoring will always keep you in the know
  • Remote Diagnosis: No longer will you have to wait days for a service technician to diagnose an appliance issue. Remote Diagnostics allows certified technicians to access your appliance and start troubleshooting immediately.
  • Nest Integration: Integrate your Nest products with your connected appliances to give you peace of mind. Keep an eye on your appliances while you're away, receive a notification if your oven is still running, or turn off your appliances remotely.
  • IFTT: If This, Then That! Connect several smart appliances so they can work with each other. With this technology, when your alarm goes off your smart coffee machine can make your favorite brew when your morning alarm sounds. The possibilities are limitless.
  • AutoChef®: AutoChef® applies the perfect amount of heat for your meal by measuring the temperatures from the bottom of the pan to ensure perfect results and take the guesswork out of cooking.
  • SpeedBoost™: The SpeedBoost™ function on Bosch induction cooktops adds even more power to speed up the cooking process, allowing you to boil water twice as fast as conventional electric cooktops.
  • 4 Induction Elements: Induction cooking directly heats your pots and pans instead of the cooktop itself for faster, more efficient cooking so you have a cooktop that delivers precise results with effortless ease.
  • PreciseSelect® Premium: With PreciseSelect® Premium controls, you can select from 17 different power levels for the perfect temperature.
  • 11 Inch Cooking Zone: Accommodates larger cookware for a flexible cooking experience.

Cooktop Type: Drop-In
Cooktop Fuel Type: Electric
Cooktop Style: Smoothtop
Induction: Yes
# of Burner/Heating Element: 4
Burner 1 Output : 2600
Burner 2 Output : 2200
Burner 3 Output : 1400
Volts: 240/208 V
Amps: 30 Amps

Exterior Width (in): 30"
Width (in): 30"
Height (in): 4 1/8"
Depth (in): 21 1/4"
Energy Saving: N.A.

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