DESSIZ-DS-04-BLK Portable Clothes Dryer

Model# DS-04-BLK

180 day Limited Manufacturer

Condition: NEW

  • Compact / Portable
  • Low Noise Design
  • 1.6cu.ft. Capacity
  • Digital Control
  • Front & Back Flip Function
  • Powerful Performance


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The perfect addition to small spaces such as apartments or as a second dryer for your home. Its compact size makes it easy to fit into any space, while its powerful performance ensures your laundry dries quickly and efficiently. Moreover, with its built-in UV sterilization technology, you can be confident that your baby's clothes are thoroughly sanitized and safe for use. Say goodbye to damp, musty clothes and hello to fresh, clean laundry with our reliable and convenient dryer.

  • Powerful Performance: This electric dryer with 970W power and 10 lbs large capacity(10 pounds is the weight of wet clothes), this portable clothes dryer can ensure your clothes to be dry sooner. Even though it lasts rainy, you can still put on your beautiful dresses every day. Built-in UV sterilization technology, you can be confident that your baby's clothes are thoroughly sanitized and safe for use.
  • Multi-function: Our electric clothes dryer machine features a liquid crystal display (LCD) and has four drying program: 1. Fresh: This function is used for thelast 20 minutes of the drying proce -dure and it uses cool air to cool clothes. 2. Iron Dry: Used for those difficult ironing clothes such asfabric shirts and linen, generally set 30-50 minutes. 3. Regular: this function driesand cools clothing , mostly for clothing that does notwrinkle ( depending on the material ) . The drying time isfixed at 110 minutes. 4. Heavy : This function dries and cools clothes, and is used to dryarger sizes or manyclothes. The drying time moral -ly more than 110 minutes
  • Front and Back Flip Function: This portable clothes dryer has a flip function and a special, internal physical structure to deliver the best possible drying experience. These features ensure sufficient clothes rotation, prevent tangles, remove wrinkles, and leaves your clothes fluffy and comfortable. The high efficiency, two-way flip function also helps save energy and reduces drying time.
  • Easy To Operate: Plug and start the dryer. With a Knob-designed button, you can simply operate and set the mode you want. And the three-layer cotton filter effectively filters lint and prevents it from flying out.
  • Intimate Design: 110 volt dryer: The wide-angle 110° door opening makes it easy to put in and take out your clothing. The transparent window allows you to observe the status of your load at any time, and if you do open the door while the machine is running, it will automatically stop running to ensure your safety.
  • Quiet Design: In order to provide a comfortable environment, the noise of this clothes dryer is minimal. It runs at approximately only 60 decibels, making it exceptionally quiet during operation. So please don’t worry, it won’t influence your normal conversation and sleeping. (Its perceived loudness can vary depending on the ambient noise level in the environment.)
  • Compact & Portable: The weight of this clothes dryer is only 37.6lbs, and the small size makes it portable. It’s compact feature is perfect for small space like apartments, dormitories, and more, it can be installed on a countertop, on a firm, level ground or mounted with a bracket (bracket not included).

Dryer Capacity: 1.6 cu.ft.
Load Type: Front
Fuel Type: Electric
Cycles: N.A.
Options: N.A.
Steam Cycles: N.A.
Wrinkle Care: N.A.
Stainless Steel Drum: N.A.
Venting Type: N.A.
Interior Light: N.A.
Volts: 120V
Amps: N.A.

21.5 In. L X 17.3 In. W X 24.6 In. H

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